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Warning: “Free” keyloggers from trusted sites contain malware! You`ll be shocked to know which big companies are packaging malware inside keyloggers! Click here to read more about how downloading a free keylogger can be dangerous.

Obviously you wouldn`t be here unless you know what a keylogger is so I won`t bore you with a Wikipedia style definition! A lot of people won`t like to talk about keyloggers because they can be used to invade someone`s privacy, but I myself have used keylogger software when I suspected my husband had an online gambling addiction.
Once I had proof, he couldn`t deny it any longer and he agreed to go to a help group in order to save our marriage. So, I don`t feel uncomfortable about discussing computer surveillance software at all! Whenever someone feels they need to monitor what someone else is doing on a computer, there`s always a reason for it. Here are the most common reasons:

On this website I`ll advise you on what you can do if you have any of these concerns, and where to start investigating if that`s what you need to do. We have keylogger reviews (1-5 stars), all of which offer free trials (no credit card needed). I`ll be answering the following questions:

You`re Worried Your Partner/Spouse Is Cheating On You

I`ll spare you the whole “are you sure about this?” speach. I will assume you`ve already decided to squash (or confirm!) your fears in a pro-active way. You should know you can do some safe snooping from a distance, without using a keylogger at all. Does your better half have Facebook, or any other social media account? This is where to start. You must look over his/her account to see if you notice something out from the ordinary. Without trying to provoke any feelings of paranoia, social interactions can give you clues. Do also remember that some people act differently online too, because inhibitions are lowered since our actions seem less consequential from behind a computer monitor. But here`s something you may not have thought of: you can also find out if someone has an account at most sites if you know their email address. Most sites have a password reminder function… so do they have an account on adult friend finder? Obviously this is not foolproof because many people have multiple email addresses, and they could easily create a new one if they want to avoid detection.

Family Keylogger

Usually when parents want to “keep an eye” on their children`s internet usage, it`s because we don`t want them looking at adult material and pornography, or talking to anyone who may lead wish to lead them astray. By the way, the average age that children first see pornography in the western world is 11 years old. The simultaneously wonderful and infuriating thing about kids is that they are their own people. They don`t want to tell their parents everything, and they want to make their own decisions especially when it comes to making friends, both in the real world. And online. Protect your children from online hazards. Learning about your child`s online habits may come as a shock to you. But it will help you prevent him or her from making friends with pedophiles, or visiting adult websites. Some parents feel uncomfortable about monitoring their children`s online activity, but the risk of predators online is very real and not overstated. The major search engines have admitted that on average there are 116,000 daily searches for “child pornography”!

Copyrighted content

Downloading copyrighted material is illegal, never heard of Kim Dotcom? Well, we can expect the long arm of the law to become more involved in online copyright piracy in the future. If your children, or anyone else with access to your computer download copyrighted content illegally then you could be made responsible for it. Keyloggers don`t just record what actions have been taken on a computer, you can also use them to block certain sites, or site keywords. For example, with All In One you can tag the term “free download”, so when it appears on any webpage the key logger will take a screenshot and save it for you to review.

Adult Content

Ever know anyone addicted to porn? Probably not, because no one admits to it publically. What if I told you 70% of American men between 18-24 years old watch porn at least once per month? What if I told you 40 million Americans watch pornography on the internet regularly and one third of them are women! It`s true! A keylogger can find the truth.

Gambling Addiction

Addictive gambling isn`t as accepted as other habits such as for example booze, or cigarettes, and there`s a good reason why! Gambling addictions are incredibly destructive to families, and the damage remains long after the gambling addiction has stopped. This is actually how I first came across keylogger software, because I suspected my partner had a gambling addiction. The key logger confirmed my suspicions and once I had proof, he couldn`t deny it any longer and he agreed to go to a help group in order to save our marriage. So, I don`t feel uncomfortable about discussing computer surveillance software at all!