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All In One Keylogger 4.40/5 (87.91%) 86 votes

For the users of keyloggers that don’t pay attention on popularity or “pretty interfaces”, All in One Keylogger is a must use software. Although is not as popular as our top choice for keyloggers, All In One Keylogger is also one of the top products in this market.

 Why choose All in One Keylogger?

 This keylogger has a lot of features like recording keystrokes, web activity, chat logging, etc. It has all the feature of every keylogger but the efficiency of the software is very good. Also you will get lot information of all the recording logs, but it has a feature to organize all the information for an easy use.  All in one keylogger also is Multilanguage, a feature that most keyloggers doesn’t have.

Why would I need All in One Keylogger?

 There are many people that use keylogger to check the activities from their children, spouse, employees etc. Maybe you’re thinking that this is wrong but there times when this type of actions is essential. For example if we have children and they like to spend a lot of time in the computer. You know that in these days there are lots of porno sites, pedophiles, accessing sites with viruses and lots of other activities that can be risky to your children. With software like All in One Keylogger you will monitor that all the activity from children is a safe one.  Also if you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you this software will help you to find out. 

 If you want also to block sites that you think that can be harmful for your children this software can also do it or if you want to block sites like social networks for your employees All in One Keylogger will also take care of that.


You can get a free trial for 7 days

This software has a lot of features and is very stealthy. There is no way the user of the computer will know that there is a keylogger installed in the computer. The prince is affordable. The software is mutli language.


The interface can be very confusing at the beginning.


This is a great product and although is not my first choice is definitely my second choice. It works like is promoted and have a lot of features for his price. For persons that have problems with only English software this one is a no brainer for them.

All In One Keylogger 4.40/5 (87.91%) 86 votes

Click here to try All-In-One Keylogger, the full version for free for 7 days. All features are enabled, and no credit card is needed. All In One Keylogger is loaded with so many features. The only downside is that the user interface looks a bit dated. The video below explains some of the features.

All In One Keylogger 4.40/5 (87.91%) 86 votes

Surveillance and Logging Features:

  • Keystrokes Logging (Key Logging)
  • Chat / Instant Message Recording (Chat Logger/IM Logger)
  • Web Recording (Web Logger/Internet Logger)
  • Screenshot Logging (Spy Camera/Screenshots Keylogger)
  • Microphone Logging
  • Printer Logging
  • Files and Directories changes Logging
  • User Idle Time (System Inactivity) Logging

Security Features:

  • Log files Encryption
  • Privacy & Stealthy
  • Password Protection
  • Anti-Spy Protection
  • Automatic Startup
  • Log Maintenance
  • Password Protection
  • Anti-Spy Protection
  • Automatic Startup
  • Log Maintenance

Sending Features:

  • Log files Encryption
  • Email Delivery
  • FTP Delivery
  • LAN Delivery
  • USB Flushing Delivery
  • Logs sending (by email/FTP/LAN) based on keywords triggering

Restrictions Features:

  • Filter Monitored User Accounts
  • Disable Unwanted Software’s
  • Block/filter Unwanted URLs
  • Filter programs you want or do not want to monitor
  • Logs sending (by email/FTP/LAN) based on keywords triggering

Misc Features:

  • Auto Uninstall

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