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SoftActivity Keylogger 3.54/5 (70.77%) 13 votes

SoftActivity Keylogger is another competitor in the market of the keyloggers. This software has good very features that can help customers looking for a keylogger. However this keyloggers lacks in some of the features that many customers are looking for like parental control functions. We will analyze this software more deeply in order to help beginning customers that are looking for a great keylogger.

 Is there any advantage in buying SoftActivity Keylogger?

 It all depends in what the customer is looking for. If you are looking for a keylogger to fully monitor your children activities, this is not the software for you. When we compare this product to our top choice, SoftActivity Keylogger doesn’t have the complete monitor options since it doesn’t record passwords, creation of files, renaming of files, system keys, clipboard content between other stuff. It does some of the basic functions of a keylogger like record the log of documents activities, like open and deleting. This software is good at visual surveillance.

 The software has a low price and be of value for beginners that want a cheap product with good design. The product has a lot of bad reviews. Products always has some bad reviews but this one has many bad reviews complaining about the uninstalling options.


It has a cheap price and a very easy interface.


 There a lot of bad review on this product and it lacks some feature that can limit those users that want full control of monitoring the computer. It doesn’t have parental control function and file activity monitoring is very bad.


If you’re looking for a cheap product with some of the basic functions, this can be for you. But if you want all in one solution for a keylogger I will suggest using our first choice.

SoftActivity Keylogger 3.54/5 (70.77%) 13 votes

This keylogger lacks parental control such as time-locking, but it does excel in live chat logging. This is quite rare because many keyloggers are unable to record Skype, AOL, MSN or Yahoo live chat. Softactivity does not have any problems in this department.

This key logger can’t monitor Apple Safari browser so keep that mind, but otherwise it successfully monitors all online interactions. It’s also completely invisible. Only an experienced expert who knows what they are looking for would be able to find it after it had been installed.

SoftActivity Keylogger 3.54/5 (70.77%) 13 votes

  • SoftActivity Keylogger logs everything
  • Screenshots recording with the advanced IntelliSnap™ technology
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Keylogger software works secretly and invisibly even for computer savvy users
  • Receive reports by email
  • Complete compatibility

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